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Hello World - Intro to HTML

Posted on 7th Jan 2017 By gljsh

So this is it! the starting point for your journey into the world of Web Development! I am going to go ahead and just jump right in.  HTML is short for HyperText Markup Language.  The newest standard in the world of HTML is HTML5.  ...

Beginning Javascript

Posted on 7th Jan 2017 By gljsh

Welcome to the Beginning JavaScript tutorial.  This isn’t something that is used very commonly today on websites, but it gets the basic concepts of JavaScript for learning purposes.  Before we get started, there is an awesome ...

CSS Stylesheets

Posted on 7th Jan 2017 By gljsh

In this tutorial we are going to go into what CSS is and how we can use it to spice up our HTML.  For this exercise we are going to use the HTML code we created in the “Hello World” Tutorial.  If you skipped this tutorial, th...